National Child Policy ( NCP)


The National Child Policy seeks to provide a sound legislative, infrastructural and programmatic foundation to secure the rights of children (as enshrined in the Convention on the Rights of a Child), as well as their overall care, supervision and the protection of children in Trinidad and Tobago

General Objectives

Its aim is to ensure that, “all children are happy, healthy and confident that their rights are respected, protected and promoted to facilitate their holistic development towards achieving their fullest potential as constructive members of society now and in the future.” The outcome is that all children are loved, and feel loved. Specifically, the NCP urges the country to value, nurture, protect, empower and support children.

Children of Trinidad and Tobago
Topics / Chapters
A. Integration of population dynamics
B. Girls, boys, adolescents and youth
D. Sexual and reproductive health
E. Gender equality
Main Priority Measure