Training And Empowerment Of Persons With Disabilities


Since assuming Office, the Government of Guyana has placed greater emphasis on vulnerable groups, including persons living with disabilities, which is in keeping with its manifesto. Specifically stating that it intends to “provide greater support to vulnerable groups including the elderly and people living with disabilities”. In 2021, the sum of one hundred and twenty million Guyana dollars (G$120,000,000) was allocated in the national budget to safeguard the rights of persons living with disabilities (PWDs) and to ensure they have access to support and services that would enable them to enjoy quality lives and contribute to nation-building. Of this sum, thirty million Guyana dollars (G$30,000,000) was set aside for the construction of a state-of-the-art Disability Training Centre. Monies were also set aside for training of PWDs, with 266 persons trained in 2022. However, in an effort to ensure appropriate training and support is provided to PWDs, a more comprehensive and ambitious Employment Training Plan will be rolled out under the Disability Unit (DU).

General Objectives

Improving the lives of Persons With Disabilities

Persons with Disabilities
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A. Integration of population dynamics
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