F.71 - Dialogue and international cooperation to reduce asymmetries in the migratory phenomenon

F.71 - Dialogue and international cooperation to reduce asymmetries in the migratory phenomenon
Achieve concrete results through dialogue and international cooperation relating to migration, human rights and development in regional forums as well as in forums linked to other regions of the world, in particular North America and the European Union, with a view to reducing existing asymmetries in this area and asserting the interests of Latin American and Caribbean countries.
Priority measure number


This priority measure is related to priority measures 70 and 73. Migration governance involves developing a government’s capacity to implement, monitor and evaluate policies in coordination with social stakeholders in civil society, in its management of migration.

The targets and indicators must reflect the particular situation of indigenous peoples, particularly those whose ancestral territories were split up during the establishment of nation States, considering the comments under priority measure 88 on the territorial rights of indigenous peoples.

Possible lines of action

1. Ensure that dialogue and cooperation on migration are based on the principles of migration governance. 2. Promote dialogue and exchange of experiences between forums for regional consultations worldwide, with a view to contributing to the well-being of migrants and the global governance of international migration. 3. Coordinate measures among intergovernmental bodies on migration in terms of their relationship with countries of North America and the European Union. 4. Implement appropriately the principles of shared responsibility in all intergovernmental bodies, based on the pertinent identification of those responsibilities. 5. Promote free circulation within regional integration schemes.

Related instruments, forums and mechanisms

This measure has antecedents in the action plans and commitments of the Regional Conference on Migration and the South American Conference on Migration. CELAC, in particular, and other schemes (such as MERCOSUR and the Andean Community) can incorporate and reinforce the indicated lines of action, as they have their own related initiatives. The mandates of the United Nations agencies and the IOM must also be considered. The resolution adopted at the Second High-Level Dialogue of 2013 is part of a broad framework of follow-up for dialogue and cooperation.

Also to be taken into account is target 10.7 of the Sustainable Development Goals (“Facilitate orderly, safe, regular and responsible migration and mobility of people, including through implementation of planned and well-managed migration policies”).

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