Proportion of seats held by indigenous people in national parliaments and local governments.


The proportion of seats held by indigenous people in (a) national parliaments, currently as at 1 February of reporting year, is currently measured as the number of seats held by indigenous people members in single or lower chambers of national parliaments, expressed as a percentage of all occupied seats (adaptation of SDG indicator 5.5.1 referring originally to women).


SDG Indicator 5.5.1 was defined for women and adapted here for indigenous people. There is data and information on the proportion of seats held by women in national parliaments, but there is no established methodology for the proportion of seats held by women in local governments. Some methodological issues related to the measurement of the indicator are contained in a preliminary version of the metadata of March 2016. Further information at:

Priority Measures

H.85 - Indigenous peoples rights

Respect and implement the provisions of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, as well as Convention No. 169 of the International Labour Organization on indigenous and tribal peoples —and call on those countries that have not already done so to sign it and ratify it— adapting legal frameworks and formulating the policies necessary for their implementation, with the full participation of these peoples, including indigenous peoples that live in cities.
H. Indigenous people