The On The Job Training (OJT) Programme

Latest reform date

The On the Job Training (OJT) Programme is a pre-employment programme which offers participants between the ages of 16-35 an induction into the world of work and focuses on their acquisition of practical occupational skills and experience within organisations (private, public and non-governmental) in Trinidad and Tobago. The OJT Programme provides equal opportunities to young men and women. The structured compensation package allows all Trainees to receive equal wages for equal work and experience.

General Objectives

To ensure the placement of nationals, between the ages of 16-35 in the Public and Private sectors, in order to provide the opportunity to acquire the requisite competencies that are relevant, recognised and certified via structured work-based (on-the-job) training.

Participants between the ages of 16-35
Responsible institution
Topics / Chapters
E. Gender equality
Main Priority Measure