A.2 - Human rights, gender and interculturality

A.2 - Human rights, gender and interculturality
Apply a human rights approach with a gender and intercultural perspective in addressing population and development issues, and step up efforts to recognize, promote and uphold relevant goals in order to eliminate inequalities and foster social inclusion.
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The second priority measure presents a guiding principle for population and development policies —the importance of a human rights approach with a gender and intercultural perspective— and it is closely linked with the first measure. The rights approach holds that the international rights framework is accepted and offers a coherent system of principles and rules in the development area. Consequently, it is important that population policies should adopt this approach, as well as the gender and cultural diversity perspective. This approach constitutes the basis for actions designed to break cycles of exclusion and inequality, in which the multiple dimensions of social exclusion must be considered, such as those that affect victims of violence, migrants and displaced persons, differently abled persons, people subject to geographical and generational stigmatization, and those facing discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

The human rights approach is reflected in a cross-cutting manner in all chapters of the Montevideo Consensus on Population and Development, for which reason it is suggested that priority measure 2 should be monitored against the specific lines of action, targets and indicators listed in other chapters.

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