E.49 - Gender approach in the preparation, implementation and accountability of budgets

E.49 - Gender approach in the preparation, implementation and accountability of budgets
Take steps to promote and strengthen the preparation, implementation and accountability of gender-sensitive budgets, in order to achieve equal spending in the public sector, the inclusion of the principles of gender equality in the different stages of planning, budgeting and meeting the specific social needs of women and men.
Priority measure number


Priority measure 49 is closely linked to priority measure 47, as the promotion and strengthening of gender-sensitive budgeting is essential to ensure strong institutional mechanisms.

Possible lines of action

1. Assess budgetary needs in the different spheres of government in order to fulfil the commitments given with respect to gender equality. 2. Include institutions that advocate public policies for gender equality in the process of formulating development plans and public budgets. 3. Make it an aspect of budgetary accountability to fulfil commitments with respect to gender equality, including participation in civil society organizations. 4. Foster instances for coordination between gender machineries and planning and budget departments. 5. Ensure, through legislation and other mechanisms, access to information and accountability regarding public budgets earmarked for gender equality.

Related instruments, forums and mechanisms

Santo Domingo Consensus, agreements 112 (“Ensure gender mainstreaming and a focus on rights in all plans, programmes, projects and public policies, as well as the necessary coordination between State powers and social stakeholders to achieve gender equality, thus enshrining this concept as a pillar of sustainable development”) and 113 (“Adopt budgets with gender as a cross-cutting factor in the allocation of public funds and ensure that sufficient, protected funding is provided in all policy areas to fulfil all the commitments made by States to achieve the goals of equality and social and economic justice for women”).

Sustainable Development Goals, target 5.c (“Adopt and strengthen sound policies and enforceable legislation for the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls at all levels”).

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