E.55 - Participation of women in decision-making and high-level positions

E.55 - Participation of women in decision-making and high-level positions
Strengthen the participation of women in high-level and decision-making positions in companies and support the training of men and women during hours that are compatible with their family life, and encourage businesswomen to adopt leadership roles.
Priority measure number


Priority measures 54, 55 and 56 constitute a group of measures intended to eliminate gender disparities in the labour market. While priority measure 54 considers asymmetries relating primarily to access to decent employment, job security, wages and decision-making, and measure 56 calls for the prevention and punishment of sexual and other forms of harassment in the workplace, priority measure 55 focuses more specifically on encouraging businesswomen to exert leadership and to achieve high-level positions in companies.

Possible lines of action

1. Encourage women to take part in business training courses. 2. Establish conditions that will facilitate women’s participation in business training, and take measures that enable men and women to reconcile working and home life. 3. Encourage business policies that promote women to senior positions. 4. Identify and eliminate legal and customary barriers to women’s participation in senior positions.

Related instruments, forums and mechanisms

Santo Domingo Consensus, agreements 41 (“Promote gender equity and equality in strategic and high-level managerial and decision-making positions in firms and public and private institutions, including in the information and communications technologies sector”) and 60 (“Prioritize and intensify initiatives aimed at women’s economic empowerment at the community level through means such as business education and business incubators to improve their situation and thus reduce their vulnerability to violence”).

Sustainable Development Goals, target 4.3 (“By 2030 ensure equal access for all women and men to affordable quality technical, vocational and tertiary education, including university”) and target 5.5 (“Ensure women’s full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision-making in political, economic and public life”).

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