F.70 - Principles of reciprocity and coherence in assistance to migrants

F.70 - Principles of reciprocity and coherence in assistance to migrants
Incorporate principles of consistency and reciprocity in dealing with the various situations faced by emigrants from the countries in the region, at all stages of the migration process, whether at the intraregional level or outside the region.
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This measure has to do with the governance of migration, understood as developing a government’s capacity to implement, monitor and evaluate public policies in coordination with social stakeholders and civil society, on its management of migration. The lines of action and contents of this priority measure are in general associated with priority measure 67.

“Consistency” is understood to mean a harmonious relationship among the rules and standards that comprise migration governance. The lack of consistency implies regulatory conflict and incompatibility of standards. “Reciprocity” means that countries accord each other the same or equivalent treatment.

Possible lines of action

1. Adopt specific national legislation on the rights of emigrants, such as to guarantee their rights as citizens. 2. Prepare and implement specific policies and programmes that take account of the needs of emigrants and facilitate their integration into the host country. 3. Include the return of emigrants (either permanent or temporary) as a matter of interest for public policies. 4. Address the needs of family members of migrants wherever they need. 5. Facilitate remittance-sending by supporting market transparency.

Related instruments, forums and mechanisms

This priority measure finds precedents in the plans and commitments of the Regional Conference on Migration and the South American Conference on Migration. CELAC, in particular, and other schemes (such as MERCOSUR and the Andean Community) can incorporate these lines of action. The mandates of the United Nations agencies and the IOM should also be considered. Also relevant is target 10.c of the Sustainable Development Goals (“By 2030, reduce to less than 3% the transaction costs of migrant remittances and eliminate remittance corridors with costs higher than 5%”), with the caveats noted in the comments under priority measure 68.

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