F.75 - International Convention on Migration

F.75 - International Convention on Migration
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It is anticipated that one or two new global dialogues will have been held by 2020 to add strength to the guidelines directives arising from the Second High-Level Dialogue, held in 2013. All countries are expected to provide follow-up to the agreements of the Second High-Level Dialogue by fulfilling the measures in this chapter, and to renew their commitments in new global initiatives.

The South American Conference on Migration, in its substantive agreements, has proposed the preparation of a South American convention on migration.

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This measure must be interpreted as follow-up to the agreements adopted in the Declaration of the Second High-Level Dialogue on International Migration and Development (A/68/L.5, 2013, sixty-eighth session, agenda item 21(e), Globalization and Interdependence: International Migration and Development). It is covered by all the previous measures. The Declaration is broad in scope and contains 34 points, the last of which calls for annual evaluation of its follow-up.

F. International migration