I.94 - Demographic and sociocultural dynamics in Afro-descendant populations

I.94 - Demographic and sociocultural dynamics in Afro-descendant populations
Consider the special demographic and sociocultural dynamics of Afro-descendent populations in the design and implementation of public policies, ensuring their full participation and the development of disaggregated statistics.
Priority measure number



This measure requires that the actions taken should be articulated with those set forth under priority measure 4.


Possible lines of action

1. Generate up-to-date knowledge on the demographic dynamics of the Afro-descendent population, taking into account social and territorial diversity, with a gender and generational perspective. 2. Integrate the demographic situation of persons of African descent in a cross-cutting manner into the design of policies. 3. Prioritize the allocation of resources in light of Afro-descendent demographic dynamics. 4. Strengthen the institutions responsible for Afro-descendent affairs so as to contribute to the mainstreaming of population issues in policies. 5. Strengthen national capacities (both of State agencies and of Afro-descendent organizations) in population analysis and its inter-relations with development. 6. Establish participatory mechanisms for Afro-descendent populations in the production and analysis of sociodemographic information, in particular within national statistics systems.

Related instruments, forums and mechanisms

There is a need to establish coordination with the specific mechanisms for follow-up to implementation of the Durban Programme of Action (see priority measure 92).

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