Existence of a public institution responsible for coordinating population and development issues, acting as the country’s counterpart to the Regional Conference on Population and Development, in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Permanent government agency or entity that is officially tasked with coordinating population and development issues and with serving as the political and technical counterpart to the Regional Conference on Population and Development.


The need to define and implement an institutional framework for population and development issues in the countries is described in priority measure 99 of the Montevideo Consensus. This explicitly calls for the establishment or strengthening of a permanent institutional framework, along with an interagency coordination mechanism that includes civil society organizations. The absence of a coordinating institution may result in a partial or fragmented treatment of sociodemographic issues, which is inconsistent with the comprehensive vision required on population and development issues.

The indicator was adapted by deleting the time reference “before the third session of the Regional Conference”.


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Priority Measures

A.3 - Public institutionality

Build and strengthen national and subnational public institutions with responsibility for population and development issues, and ensure that they function in an integral and sustainable manner with the active participation of non-governmental stakeholders.

H.85 - Indigenous peoples rights

Respect and implement the provisions of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, as well as Convention No. 169 of the International Labour Organization on indigenous and tribal peoples —and call on those countries that have not already done so to sign it and ratify it— adapting legal frameworks and formulating the policies necessary for their implementation, with the full participation of these peoples, including indigenous peoples that live in cities.

H.86 - Indigenous peoples and demographic dynamics.

Consider the special demographic dynamic of indigenous peoples in public policy design, with special emphasis on indigenous peoples threatened with extinction, those who have no contact with the outside world, those living in voluntary isolation or that are in a phase of initial contact, and respect their right to self-determination.
A. Integration of population dynamics