Number of health centres that offer adolescent-friendly services or facilities per 100,000 adolescents.


Ratio between the number of health centres with user-friendly services or facilities and the population from 10 to 19 years old, multiplied by 100,000, at the mid-point of the reference year.


The definition of a user-friendly facility is included in the list of indicators in the annex, to enable identification of user-friendly facilities. Country reports may include additional information, such as the characteristics of youth-friendly facilities (and thus verify whether they coincide with the definition in the glossary) and the number of consultations provided, in order to give another measure of comparison, because the size or capacity of these centres may differ between countries.

Priority Measures

B.12 - Sexual health and reproductive health

Implement comprehensive, timely, good-quality sexual health and reproductive health programmes for adolescents and young people, including youth-friendly sexual health and reproductive health services with a gender, human rights, intergenerational and intercultural perspective, which guarantee access to safe and effective modern contraceptive methods, respecting the principles of confidentiality and privacy, to enable adolescents and young people to exercise their sexual rights and reproductive rights, to have a responsible, pleasurable and healthy sex life, avoid early and unwanted pregnancies, the transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, and to take free, informed and responsible decisions regarding their sexual and reproductive life and the exercise of their sexual orientation.
B. Girls, boys, adolescents and youth