Percentage of government budgets with funds specifically allocated to gender equality.


Ratio of: (i) numerator: total number of budgets with funds specifically allocated to gender equality programmes, and (ii) denominator: total number of budgets in the country, multiplied by 100.


Information may be collected at the regional level, based on replies to questionnaires sent to the Ministry of Finance and data from national mechanisms for the advancement of women.

It is useful for this indicator to include the following note from the SDG indicator 5.c.1 metadata:

For the purpose of this indicator, allocations for gender equality and women’s empowerment are therefore defined as:

  • Resources allocated for programmes that specifically target only women or girls.
  • Resources allocated to programmes that target both women and men but where gender equality is a primary objective. For example an action that promotes employment of women and men, equal representation within management posts, and equal pay.
  • Resources allocated to programmes where gender equality is not a primary objective but where action is being taken to close gender gaps. For example, an infrastructure project that does not include gender equality as the primary objective but has specific measures to ensure that women and girls benefit equally with men and boys.

This information is in a preliminary version of the March 2016 metadata. Further information at: https://unstats.un.org/sdgs/files/metadata-compilation/Metadata-Goal-5.pdf.

Priority Measures

E.47 - Institutional mechanisms for women's autonomy and gender equality

Fulfil the commitment to strengthen institutional machineries in order to build development policies with equality that will guarantee the autonomy of women and gender equality, and give these machineries the autonomy and the necessary human and financial resources to enable them to have a cross-cutting impact on the structure of the State, recognizing the strategic role that they play and establishing them at the highest level.
E. Gender equality