Proportion of government forums that have mechanisms for adolescents and young people to participate in public decisions that affect them.


Ratio between: (i) numerator: all governmental agencies that have developed policies concerning adolescents and young people and have formal mechanisms for youth and adolescent participation, and (ii) denominator: all governmental agencies that have developed policies affecting adolescents and young people.


The source should, at the request of the Secretariat, provide a list of relevant government
bodies —those that have developed policies for adolescents— including the following natural candidates: youth agencies (ministries, institutes, services); the Ministry of Education; and ministries with programmes specifically targeting the group in question, in particular the Ministry of Health and the adolescent programme; the Ministry of Labour and the youth employment programme; the Ministry of Interior and safety and risk prevention programmes among adolescents and youth; and the Ministry of Sport and the youth sports programme, Ministries of Planning and Social Development, etc. The source should also indicate and describe formal mechanisms for participation by young people and adolescents in each of the government forums identified by the country and their application in the event of policies implemented in the reference period. The indicator refers only to national or federal entities. The countries may include subnational entities in the calculations for their national reports. Some countries may make age distinctions for participation in government entities in which public policies are formulated, in which case the reference group may be smaller (for example, adolescents and young people aged 15-29 or 18-29 years). It is agreed that more work is needed on the metadata to arrive at an expert, politically validated and measurable definition of “formal mechanisms for participation” for adolescents and young people.

Priority Measures

B.8 - Mechanisms for effective participation

Guarantee also the existence of mechanisms for the effective participation, without any form of discrimination, of adolescents and young people in public debate, in decision-making and in all policy and programme phases, in particular on matters that affect them directly, and strengthen institutional mechanisms for youth.
B. Girls, boys, adolescents and youth