Removal Of Means Testing Requirement For Persons With Disabilities Applying For Public Assistance
Implementation Of One-Time Application Process For Persons With Disabilities Applying For Public Assistance


PERSONS living with disabilities (PWDs) will have automatic access to public assistance until they attain the age of 65 years. All persons living with permanent disabilities will be able to access public assistance without any need to qualify for a needs test. It is automatic access to public assistance. That public assistance will be provided to them for the rest of their life, they do not need to be subjected to any other medical or any other test going forward.

Public assistance was initially classified as temporary financial assistance designed to assist the infirm, aged, persons with disabilities, orphans, persons affected by HIV and all other persons who cannot adequately maintain their households.

The programme is subjected to periodic reviews to ensure eligibility, and applicants were interviewed by the officers after which the duly constituted Local Board of Guardians of the district will deliberate and decide on who will receive the grant and how much will be given.

General Objectives

Improving the lives of persons with disabilities

Persons with Disabilities below the age of 65 years
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A. Integration of population dynamics
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