Percentage of the indigenous population displaced from their territories.


Ratio between (i) numerator: size of indigenous population displaced from its territory, and (ii) denominator: total indigenous population (per cent).


The indicator should be built considering indigenous territoriality, beyond the boundaries established by land titling or administrative processes within each country and even across national border. Population censuses can provide some information on this topic, since some countries in the region include a question about the cause of recent migration, with displacement being one of the options. It is also necessary to review the administrative records that exist, to collect basic information and the ethnic identification included in such records. In Colombia, for example, the Unified Victims Register classifies the act of victimization, including abandonment or forced dispossession of land, and also ethnic identification, which makes it possible to disaggregate the information for indigenous people Further details at http://rni.unidadvictimas.gov.co/RUV). With respect to the denominator, the population estimates derived from the census are crucial.

Priority Measures

H.85 - Indigenous peoples rights

Respect and implement the provisions of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, as well as Convention No. 169 of the International Labour Organization on indigenous and tribal peoples —and call on those countries that have not already done so to sign it and ratify it— adapting legal frameworks and formulating the policies necessary for their implementation, with the full participation of these peoples, including indigenous peoples that live in cities.

H.88 - Indigenous peoples and territorial rights

Respect and guarantee the territorial rights of indigenous peoples, including those of peoples living in voluntary isolation and those in the initial phase of contact, with special attention to the challenges presented by extractive industries and other major global investments, mobility and forced displacements, and design policies that facilitate free, prior and informed consultation on matters that affect these peoples, pursuant to the provisions of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
H. Indigenous people