Existence of gender-based violence prevention and care policies that have an earmarked budget.


Ratio between: (i) numerator: total number of gender-based violence prevention and care policies that have earmarked funds in the national expenditure budget, and (ii) denominator: total number
of gender-based violence prevention and care policies, multiplied by 100.


The data can be strengthened through national mechanisms for the advancement of women.

Although the indicator as defined does not refer to a proportion, it is advisable to measure it as a percentage, ideally it should be 100%. For progress review, it is recommended to examine whether an executed budget is associated with the policies.

Priority Measures

D.34 - Policies for the exercise of sexual rights

Promote policies that enable persons to exercise their sexual rights, which embrace the right to a safe and full sex life, as well as the right to take free, informed, voluntary and responsible decisions on their sexuality, sexual orientation and gender identity, without coercion, discrimination or violence, and that guarantee the right to information and the means necessary for their sexual health and reproductive health.

E.57 - Eradication of all forms of violence

Enforce existing policies and adopt, on the one hand, preventative and punitive measures, and on the other measures for protecting and caring for women in order to eradicate all forms of violence, including forced sterilization and stigma against women in public and private spheres and especially the gender-motivated violent murder of girls and women, and ensure effective and universal access to fundamental services for all victims and survivors of gender-based violence, with special attention to women in high-risk situations, such as older women, pregnant women, women with disabilities, culturally diverse groups, sex workers, women living with HIV/AIDS, lesbian, bisexual and transgender women, Afro-descendent, indigenous and migrant women, women living in border areas, asylum-seekers and victims of trafficking.

E.58 - Justice with a gender perspective

Reaffirm the commitment and political will of Latin America and the Caribbean, at the highest level, to combat and eliminate all forms of discrimination and violence against women, including domestic violence and femicide/feminicide, and actively promote awareness-raising regarding gender mainstreaming among law enforcement personnel.
E. Gender equality