National Policy On Gender And Development: A Green Paper (2018)


The National Policy on Gender and Development is designed to foster gender equality within the context of national development and is consistent with the Government’s development strategy. The National Policy on Gender and Development is premised on a thorough analysis of the development situation in Trinidad and Tobago to ascertain the needs and priorities of men and women and girls and boys, as well as the inequalities they face in opportunities and outcomes. The impact of the Policy would be informed by two main approaches, namely specific sectoral measures, and the inclusion of gender as a cross-cutting theme in all sectors. Mainstreaming will be the process used to identify, take full account of and integrate the needs and interests of women and men, and girls and boys into relevant policies, strategies and administrative and financial activities within the sectors.

General Objectives

i) Full and equal participation of women and men and girls and boys in the development process;
ii) Systematic use of gender analysis, an understanding of the different realities, opportunities, needs and interests of men, women, boys and girls;
iii) Utilization of gender planning, taking into account the gaps between women’s and men’s access to economic, social, political and cultural resources, and putting in place policies, plans and programmes to correct these imbalances;
iv) Implementation of gender-responsive budgeting, and the equitable allocation of financial and human resources to address gender imbalances in all sectors and at all levels; and
v) Equitable, effective and sustainable outcomes of national development strategies.

All citizens. Men, women, boys and girls
Specific to the action or instrument
Topics / Chapters
D. Sexual and reproductive health
E. Gender equality
Main Priority Measure