Existence of culturally and linguistically relevant information systems.


Existence of culturally and linguistically relevant information systems.


Operational criteria need to be agreed on for measuring cultural and linguistic relevance. Nonetheless, the spirit of this indicator is that indigenous cosmovisions are taken into account in the conceptual and operational definitions of information systems, and not merely the translation into indigenous languages of conventional information reflecting hegemonic ideologies and concepts. These agreements should be reached in conjunction with indigenous peoples’ organizations. The disaggregation proposed by “type of relevance” may include categories.

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Priority Measures

A.4 - Population and development

Ensure full integration of population dynamics into sustainable development planning, sectoral policies and public policies and programmes in general ―in particular in development and land-use planning― at national and subnational levels, drawing on sociodemographic knowledge and information and harnessing technological advances.

H.85 - Indigenous peoples rights

Respect and implement the provisions of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, as well as Convention No. 169 of the International Labour Organization on indigenous and tribal peoples —and call on those countries that have not already done so to sign it and ratify it— adapting legal frameworks and formulating the policies necessary for their implementation, with the full participation of these peoples, including indigenous peoples that live in cities.

H.90 - Right to communication and information of indigenous peoples

Guarantee indigenous peoples’ right to communication and information, ensuring that national statistics respect the principle of self-identification, as well as the generation of knowledge and reliable and timely information on indigenous peoples through participatory processes, with reference to their requirements and international recommendations relating to these issues.
H. Indigenous people