Percentage of municipal or local master plans that, in their preamble, provide for disaggregated and georeferenced sociodemographic analysis.


Ratio between, (i) Numerator: number of municipal or local master plans that, in their preamble, provide for disaggregated and georeferenced sociodemographic analysis, and (ii) denominator: total number of municipal or local master plans.


Ministries usually have a record of approved community regulatory plans and their characteristics; or in some cases they have platforms where the monitoring of all of the country’s Territorial Planning Instruments are recorded, at the stage of formulation or modification.

Priority Measures

A.4 - Population and development

Ensure full integration of population dynamics into sustainable development planning, sectoral policies and public policies and programmes in general ―in particular in development and land-use planning― at national and subnational levels, drawing on sociodemographic knowledge and information and harnessing technological advances.

G.76 - Territorial management

Develop more closely coordinated, integrated and cohesive territories by designing and executing territorial and urban management plans, policies and instruments, administered in a participatory manner and based on a people-centred approach with a gender and human rights perspective and a vision of sustainability and environmental risk management.

H.88 - Indigenous peoples and territorial rights

Respect and guarantee the territorial rights of indigenous peoples, including those of peoples living in voluntary isolation and those in the initial phase of contact, with special attention to the challenges presented by extractive industries and other major global investments, mobility and forced displacements, and design policies that facilitate free, prior and informed consultation on matters that affect these peoples, pursuant to the provisions of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

H.90 - Right to communication and information of indigenous peoples

Guarantee indigenous peoples’ right to communication and information, ensuring that national statistics respect the principle of self-identification, as well as the generation of knowledge and reliable and timely information on indigenous peoples through participatory processes, with reference to their requirements and international recommendations relating to these issues.

I.98 - Generation of knowledge and information on Afro-descendant populations

Generate knowledge and reliable and timely information with a gender perspective and disaggregated by sex, age and socioeconomic status, among other variables, on Afro-descendent populations through participatory processes, paying attention to the international requirements and recommendations relating to the issue.
G. Territory and internal migration